Arctic Snow Hotel

Arctic Snow Hotel

2 hours ago
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It is true that not everyone wants to stay overnight in the Snow Hotel, but the venue is a sight in itself as well as being an activity destination. Snow is a good material for construction, something you will be able to see and feel for yourself in our Snow Hotel. Arctic Snow Hotel with its Ice Restaurant and Icebar and also outdoor activities is an excellent place to visit, which will surely provide memorable experiences even as a day trip.

Frank Ghery

Frank Gehry

12 hours ago
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Frank Gehry is a Canadian-American architect known for postmodern designs. A number of his buildings, including his private residence, have become world-renowned attractions. His works are cited as being among the most important works of contemporary architecture in the 2010 World Architecture Survey, which led Vanity Fair to label him as "the most important architect of our age". Gehry's best-known works include the titanium-clad Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain; Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles; Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris, France

Exterior view of the Mirrorcube House

Mirrorcube Tree House Hotel

5 hours ago
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The Tree Hotel offers you the chance to return to childhood fantasies of the ultimate treehouse. All rooms are situated 4-6 meters above the ground among the treetops. Each room is a unique design with hand-picked furniture from local artisans. The Mirrorcube Room is invisible to the human eye but, incredibly, coated with an infrared light to stop birds accidentally flying into it.

Exterior view of Ascher Guesthouse

Ascher Guesthouse

1 day ago
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Ascher Guesthouse is located next to the Wildkirchli caves and below the Ebenalp cliff (Ebenalp is the northernmost summit of the Appenzell Alps in Switzerland). The Guesthouse was carefully built into the side of a mountain during the 19th century. The Swiss call it “Berggasthaus” which means a Mountain-Guesthouse. It is a Matratzenlager (dormitory). It has several rooms with large mattresses that are designed to throw a sleeping bag on, it is not fancy but the scenery is breath taking, and there is also a nice restaurant there too.

Interior view of the Hotel Tierra Patagonia

Eco friendly hotels

2 days ago
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Travellers are recognizing the importance of environmental conservation and are increasingly seeking accommodation that supports environmentally friendly and sustainable tourism. Acknowledging this, hotels around the world are developing award-winning environmental, economic, and socio-cultural programs that preserve both the culture and support the local economy. There is a growing interest in environmental conservation and understanding the impact of tourism on a destination. With the help of hoteliers, it is possible for tourists to experience and appreciate natural spaces and cultures, while conserving and minimizing their effect on the environment.